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Ameliorating effect of Celastrus paniculatus standardized extract and its fractions on 3-nitropropionic acid induced neuronal damage in rats: possible antioxidant mechanism.
Malik Jai J, Karan Maninder M, Dogra Rachna R
Pharmaceutical Biology 2017 Dec ; (1) :0
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of Aerva pseudotomentosa leaves.
Pandey Abhishek A b IPS College of Pharmacy , Gwalior , India., Kaushik Atul A, Wanjari Manish M, Dey Yadu Nandan YN, Jaiswal Bhagat Singh BS, Dhodi Anamika A
Pharmaceutical Biology 2017 Dec ; (1) :0
Beneficial effect of Amorphophallus paeoniifolius tuber on experimental ulcerative colitis in rats.
Dey Yadu Nandan YN c Centre for Advanced Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shobhit University , , Sharma Garima G, Wanjari Manish M MM, Kumar Dharmendra D e Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University , Kaula Lumpur , Malaysia., Lomash Vinay V, Jadhav Ankush D AD
Pharmaceutical Biology 2017 Dec ; (1) :0
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