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Journal of Research in Ayurvedic Sciences 2022 January- March ; 6 (1) :21-24
Ayurvedagranthasamuccayah: A digital library of multilingual searchable electronic books of Ayurveda

Ayurvedagranthasamuccayah is a web portal developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) wherein all the major classical compendiums of Ayurveda are made available on a web-based platform to enable students, practitioners, academicians, and researchers of Ayurveda to have readily accessible and searchable information. The key features of the portal include easy navigation of books with the help of list-based dropdowns and arrow buttons, various scripts to suit the reading purpose of the reader, search facility for any particular term in all the books simultaneously, and results in Key Word in Context format, search function up to five terms simultaneously, and edutainment tools such as Shalaka pariksha and “Random Sutra” for testing and improving one’s knowledge. To increase awareness of the Ayurvedagranthasamuccayah, this short communication outlines the capabilities and utility of the web-based platform. Keywords: APTA Digital Library, Ayurvedagranthasamuccayah, E-book portal

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