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International Journal of Ayurveda Research 2022 January - june ; 3 (1) :61-67
Ayurveda drug usage pattern among rural and urban populations: A cross-sectional survey from Bengaluru, Karnataka

Background: Rational use of medicines by following the prescription guidelines is a primary determinant of treatment success. Rationality when using Ayurvedic prescriptions is even more critical, since the prescriptions are often individualized. Nonadherence to the medication guidelines both in clinical practice and research activity hinders the therapeutic efficacy and shows low clinical outcomes. Aim: The present study aimed to evaluate the Ayurveda drug usage pattern in urban and rural populations. Materials and methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 400 participants, 200 each from urban and rural areas of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Results: It is observed that most participants followed the doctor’s or pharmacist’s directions, clarified their doubts about the medicines, and completed the course of treatment as per the doctor’s advice. Only 30% of rural and 43.5% of the urban population reported that they follow advice regarding using a vehicle with the medicines. Comparatively, a more proportion of rural participants (11.50%) were always practicing self-medication compared to urban (5%). About 17% of rural and 23.50% of urban participants reported the practice of concurrent medication. Although more than half of the participants in the present study (52.5%) were storing the medicines in air-tight containers, inappropriate storage practices such as keeping the medication on open shelves (19.75%) and the table (4.5%) were also observed. Only 49% of rural and 70% of the urban population reported the practice of checking the expiry date. Inappropriate disposal practices such as throwing and storing unused/expired medicines were observed both in rural and urban regions. Conclusion: Although a fair medication usage pattern and behavior is noticed, both rural and urban communities have imperfections with drug use practices such as self-medication, medicine lending, storage, and disposal practices.

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