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Ancient Science of Life 2018 January - March ; 37 (3) : 120-126
Detailed pharmacognostical and analytical profile of telosma pallida (l.) kurz. (leaf): A folklore medicinal plant of Gujarat State

Background: Telosma pallida (L.) Kurz., is one of the traditional medicinal plants from Asclepiadaceae family. It is abundantly available in Gujarat, India during monsoon. It is a slender and deciduous climber used traditionally in the treatment of various diseases such as cough, cold, skin diseases etc., Aims: To study the leaves of Telosma pallida (L.) Kurz. for detailed Pharmacognostic characters and Analytical Profile. Materials and Methods: In this work pharmacognostic, preliminary phytochemical screening, fluorescence analysis, and HPTLC profile of leaves were determined following standard procedures. Results: The leaves are simple, entire, opposite, cordate in shape, the upper surface is dark green and lower surface is light green in colour. The Transverse section of a leaf through petiole shows the presence of uniseriate multicellular warty trichomes and laticifer cells at the adjacent side of the phloem. Surface study shows paracytic and anomocytic type of stomata. Preliminary physicochemical analysis shows water soluble extractive value as 28.44 ± 2.89% w/w and alcohol soluble extractive value as 14.60 ± 0.79% w/w. Preliminary phytochemical analysis of extracts shows the presence of glycosides, alkaloids, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids and flavonoids. Conclusion: The information obtained from this research work may be useful to establish the botanical as well as analytical standards for the leaves of T. pallida. Keywords: Ayurveda, folklore, pharmacognosy, surface study, Telosma pallida

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