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1 . Facile synthesis of de-O-sulfated salacinols: revision of the structure of neosalacinol, a potent alpha-glucosidase inhibitor.
Tanabe G, Xie W, Ogawa A, Cao C, Minematsu T, Yoshikawa M, Muraoka O
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2009 Apr ; 19 (8) :2195-8
DHARA ID: D003186 Pubmed ID: 19307117
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2 . Gains in QTL detection using an ultra-high density SNP map based on population sequencing relative to traditional RFLP/SSR markers.
Yu H, Xie W, Wang J, Xing Y, Xu C, Li X, Xiao J, Zhang Q
PloS One 2011 ; (3) :0
DHARA ID: D015801 Pubmed ID: 21390234
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3 . A global analysis of QTLs for expression variations in rice shoots at the early seedling stage.
Wang J, Yu H, Xie W, Xing Y, Yu S, Xu C, Li X, Xiao J, Zhang Q
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2010 Sep ; (6) :0
DHARA ID: D016658 Pubmed ID: 20626655
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4 . A dynamic gene expression atlas covering the entire life cycle of rice.
Wang L, Xie W, Chen Y, Tang W, Yang J, Ye R, Liu L, Lin Y, Xu C, Xiao J, Zhang Q
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2010 Mar ; (5) :0
DHARA ID: D017376 Pubmed ID: 20003165
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5 . Aspartic proteases gene family in rice: Gene structure and expression, predicted protein features and phylogenetic relation.
Chen J, Ouyang Y, Wang L, Xie W, Zhang Q
Gene 2009 Aug ; (1-2) :0
DHARA ID: D017649 Pubmed ID: 19409457
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6 . Comprehensive sequence and expression profile analysis of PEX11 gene family in rice.
Nayidu NK, Wang L, Xie W, Zhang C, Fan C, Lian X, Zhang Q, Xiong L
Gene 2008 Apr ; (1-2) :0
DHARA ID: D019642 Pubmed ID: 18291602
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7 . The classical Ubisch bodies carry a sporophytically produced structural protein (RAFTIN) that is essential for pollen development.
Wang A, Xia Q, Xie W, Datla R, Selvaraj G
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2003 Nov ; (24) :0
DHARA ID: D024195 Pubmed ID: 14612572
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8 . Mycotoxin production by Fusarium proliferatum isolates from rice with Fusarium sheath rot disease.
Abbas HK, Cartwright RD, Xie W, Mirocha CJ, Richard JL, Dvorak TJ, Sciumbato GL, Shier WT
Mycopathologia 1999 ; (2) :0
DHARA ID: D026755 Pubmed ID: 10967968
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9 . Production of trichothecene mycotoxins by Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium culmorum on barley and wheat.
Mirocha CJ, Xie W, Xu Y, Wilcoxson RD, Woodward RP, Etebarian RH, Behele G
Mycopathologia 1994 Oct ; (1) :0
DHARA ID: D033926 Pubmed ID: 7708088
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