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1 . The plant alkaloid cryptolepine induces p21WAF1/CIP1 and cell cycle arrest in a human osteosarcoma cell line.
Matsui TA, Sowa Y, Murata H, Takagi K, Nakanishi R, Aoki S, Yoshikawa M, Kobayashi M, Sakabe T, Kubo T, Sakai T
International Journal of Oncology 2007 Oct ; 31 (4) :915-22
DHARA ID: D003934 Pubmed ID: 17786325
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2 . Do Japanese take more folate from traditional Japanese dish than is conventionally estimated?-Actual folate contents in hospital diets and marketed lunch boxes.
Taguchi H, Kobayashi M, Yoshino N, Hosokawa K
Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP 2004 Oct-Dec ; (4) :0
DHARA ID: D022763 Pubmed ID: 15546240
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3 . Identification and characterization of Arabidopsis gibberellin receptors.
Nakajima M, Shimada A, Takashi Y, Kim YC, Park SH, Ueguchi-Tanaka M, Suzuki H, Katoh E, Iuchi S, Kobayashi M, Maeda T, Matsuoka M, Yamaguchi I
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2006 Jun ; (5) :0
DHARA ID: D021740 Pubmed ID: 16709201
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4 . Differential expression of three plastidial sigma factors, OsSIG1, OsSIG2A, and OsSIG2B, during leaf development in rice.
Kasai K, Kawagishi-Kobayashi M, Teraishi M, Ito Y, Ochi K, Wakasa K, Tozawa Y
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 2004 Apr ; (4) :0
DHARA ID: D023229 Pubmed ID: 15118338
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5 . Food consumption and gastric cancer mortality in five regions of Japan.
Tsubono Y, Kobayashi M, Tsugane S
Nutrition and Cancer 1997 ; (1) :0
DHARA ID: D027760 Pubmed ID: 8970183
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6 . Retarding activity of 6-O-acyl-D-alloses against plant growth.
Kobayashi M, Ueda M, Furumoto T, Kawanami Y
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 2010 ; (1) :0
DHARA ID: D017296 Pubmed ID: 20057117
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7 . Metabolomics data reveal a crucial role of cytosolic glutamine synthetase 1;1 in coordinating metabolic balance in rice.
Kusano M, Tabuchi M, Fukushima A, Funayama K, Diaz C, Kobayashi M, Hayashi N, Tsuchiya YN, Takahashi H, Kamata A, Yamaya T, Saito K
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2011 May ; (3) :0
DHARA ID: D015962 Pubmed ID: 21255162
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8 . Gibberellin biosynthesis: metabolic evidence for three steps in the early 13-hydroxylation pathway of rice.
Kobayashi M, MacMillan J, Phinney B, Gaskin P, Spray CR, Hedden P
Phytochemistry 2000 Oct ; (4) :0
DHARA ID: D026636 Pubmed ID: 11117879
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9 . Cloning and functional analysis of two gibberellin 3 beta -hydroxylase genes that are differently expressed during the growth of rice.
Itoh H, Ueguchi-Tanaka M, Sentoku N, Kitano H, Matsuoka M, Kobayashi M
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2001 Jul ; (15) :0
DHARA ID: D026347 Pubmed ID: 11438692
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10 . Rice dwarf mutant d1, which is defective in the alpha subunit of the heterotrimeric G protein, affects gibberellin signal transduction.
Ueguchi-Tanaka M, Fujisawa Y, Kobayashi M, Ashikari M, Iwasaki Y, Kitano H, Matsuoka M
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2000 Oct ; (21) :0
DHARA ID: D026706 Pubmed ID: 11027362
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