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1 . 5-Hydroxy-7-(4'-hydroxy-3'-methoxyphenyl)-1-phenyl-3-heptanone: a pancreatic lipase inhibitor isolated from Alpinia officinarum.
Shin JE, Han MJ, Song MC, Baek NI, Kim DH
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin 2004 Jan ; (1) :0
DHARA ID: D047863 Pubmed ID: 14709919
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2 . Inhibitory activity of diarylheptanoids on farnesyl protein transferase.
Kang HM, Son KH, Yang DC, Han DC, Kim JH, Baek NI, Kwon BM
Natural Product Research 2004 Aug ; (4) :0
DHARA ID: D046558 Pubmed ID: 15214479
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3 . Curcuma longa extract protects against gastric ulcers by blocking H2 histamine receptors.
Kim DC, Kim SH, Choi BH, Baek NI, Kim D, Kim MJ, Kim KT
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin 2005 Dec ; (12) :0
DHARA ID: D046487 Pubmed ID: 16327153
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4 . Rhus parviflora and its biflavonoid constituent, rhusflavone, induce sleep through the positive allosteric modulation of GABA(A)-benzodiazepine receptors.
Shrestha S, Park JH, Lee DY, Cho JG, Cho S, Yang HJ, Yong HI, Yoon MS, Han DS, Baek NI
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2012 May 2
DHARA ID: D053353 Pubmed ID: 22579675
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